Services Offered


Masonry Repointing:

Masonry Repointing is a process of removing deteriorating or unsound mortar from the joints of masonry walls and replacing it with new mortar. The key objective of this process is to ensure the physical and structural integrity of the masonry is maintained and aesthetically preserved. Both these objectives require traditional techniques, knowledge and expertise.

Heritage Building Restoration:

Heritage building restoration is preservation of historic buildings or landmarks by repairing it to original strength while protecting its heritage value, this is achieved by means of repointing using specially formulated heritage repair mortars, stitching and/or repair of broken dimension stones or stone replacements in accordance with heritage restoration practices. Restoration work can also include lintel repairs or replacements, through-wall flashing repairs, waterproofing, sealing and cleaning. Vintage Brick & Stone Inc. has certified heritage masons, whom have over 40 years’ experience in Heritage Masonry along with a team of skilled craftsmen.

Building Envelope Repairs:

Building envelope repairs include inspection and review of the building structure. Remedial services offered include waterproofing, sealant work, through-wall flashing repair, lintel replacement, helical ties, restoring of concrete and/or masonry structures.


Brick & Stone Restoration:

Brick & stone restoration is to rejuvenate your stonework to its original beauty by means of cleaning, repair mortars, removal or replacement of masonry units and full or selective repointing.

Custom Work:

Custom work can vary from structural upgrades and helical tie installation to conventional sand & cement parging, acrylic coatings, and custom stone moldings and trim pieces. We have the resources to do it all.

Concrete Block & New Masonry:

Concrete block (concrete masonry units CMU’s) is great for foundations or basements, it resists extreme temperatures, provides insulation and soundproofing. Our Interprovincial Red Seal Certified bricklayers can complete small to medium sized brick buildings, elevator shafts, split or smooth face architectural blocks, firewalls, block infills, bond beams and more.