Does your new building require custom work?

Do you want a contractor who’s experienced and ensures the proper steps are taken to deliver quality workmanship?

Vintage Brick & Stone Inc. is here to cater to your masonry and restoration needs!

At Vintage Brick & Stone, we approach each project with excellent planning and timely execution. From simple to complex restorations and masonry works, our knowledgeable teams are ready for any task.  

Vintage Brick & Stone

Restoration & Custom Services

We are experts at strengthening your building with our masonry services. Our team is experienced with Masonry Repointing, Building Envelope Repairs, Custom Work and much more. We take the architectural design into consideration and repair your buildings by maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic design.


Heritage Building Restoration

It’s a matter of great pride for us to restore your buildings back to their glorious states. We treat every heritage building with great care. We ensure that everything that influences the masonry strength and design of your building is fixed and restored.


Concrete Block

We can complete small to medium sized brick buildings, elevator shafts, split or smooth face architectural blocks, firewalls, block infills, bond beams and more.

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